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Nomination Process

CBI Traineeship Nomination

Student holding a vial

A new call for nominations will be advertised to our trainers and within participating departments when openings are available. We anticipate recruiting trainees each year in April or May. Students are usually appointed for two years of funding at the start of their second year of graduate studies. In their nomination letter, advisors will be required to comment on the student's qualifications and their performance in lab rotations.

Students nominated by their research advisors for entry into the training program will be contacted by the program director and asked to submit an application for consideration. Outstanding students not currently in a CBI Program preceptor lab but doing CBI research may also apply for consideration; the mentor will then be evaluated as a possible new program preceptor. Selection will be made by the Steering Committee. A complete application will include:

  • Application form for CBI T32 Traineeship (contact the program director for information)
  • One-page description of PhD research plans written by the applicant
  • Copies of the student's undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Report of GRE scores (if available)
  • Letter of nomination from the applicant's PhD research advisor


Mandatory requirements for trainees are:

  • Excellence in academics
  • An agreement by the student made in writing to maintain contact with the Steering Committee after training is completed and after graduation for the purposes of program evaluation
  • PhD students who are US citizens or permanent residents