Students in our neuroscience program will receive a BS in biological sciences: neuroscience. This program provides students interested in biology with an opportunity to explore the molecular, cellular, and physiological bases of behavior.

Neuroscience majors gain a solid background in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, along with a concentration of courses in neuroscience. As one of the BS tracks in the University's Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine (UPBM), it draws upon the collective strengths of several departments on the River Campus and at the Medical Center. The major is administered by the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS), and the core and upper-level courses in neuroscience are taught by BCS faculty.

Rochester’s program is one of the oldest and most distinguished undergraduate programs in neuroscience available in the United States. Students who graduate from this program often go on to medical school and graduate school, although a full list of post-graduation destinations is surprisingly diverse.