We offer a major, minor, and several clusters in American Sign Language (ASL) in the humanities academic division. Our program prepares students for a variety of professions such as education, medicine, law, Deaf education, sign language interpreting, research, counseling, program administration, or community service.

We offer a full four-year liberal arts degree, with classes in ASL as a language, in the literature and culture of the American Deaf community, in the linguistics and psycholinguistics of signed and spoken languages, and classes in using ASL for instruction. We also offer courses in French Sign Language.

Our faculty work closely with the University of Rochester’s Center for Language Sciences, the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and the Department of Linguistics to pursue interdisciplinary research.

There are many opportunities for students with a solid foundation of ASL. The Studying American Sign Language page from Accredited Schools Online has information on ASL:

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A group photo of the 2023 ASL Club officers.