Why do people hoard and socialize during a pandemic?

Thu, 02 Apr 2020

“Proximity is usually associated with intimacy, and distance with strangeness,” explains Rochester anthropologist Robert Foster. “The public challenge at the moment is that we must learn to express our care and concern by maintaining distance, which is counter-intuitive.”

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Millions migrate to mark the Year of the Rat

Thu, 23 Jan 2020

With an outbreak of coronavirus making for an unusual travel season, Rochester faculty describe the traditions—and logistical challenges—as more than 1.3 billion Chinese go on vacation at the same time to mark the new year.

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How do physical spaces help create community?

Mon, 16 Sep 2019

In her highly visual, multi-year project “Fertile Ground,” cultural anthropologist Kathryn Mariner is researching placemaking in the city of Rochester, and her focus on how community is formed is shared by this year’s Humanities Center lectures.

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