Independent Studies

Independent studies should only be undertaken when a student has exhausted all the options within the regular curriculum.

Students wishing to be considered for an independent study course must submit a proposal essay of no more than 300 words to the faculty they hope to work with before the 14th day of classes each semester. The essay should address the requirements below and make note of previous studio courses completed. It will be forwarded to the department chair for approval, and the student will be notified before the independent study deadline.

Requirements for independent study include:

  • Topic for exploration must not be available within the regular offerings of the department (schedule conflicts are not a rationale for independent study).
  • Faculty director must have relevant expertise in topic area and be willing to supervise the student and to sign a contract stipulating agreed upon requirements.
  • Students must be in their junior and senior year and they must have previously completed at least one advanced level studio course.
  • The semester must result in a body of individual studio work or equivalent project at an advanced level of achievement.

For more information contact your advisor.