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Philosophy Faculty

Faculty in the Department of Philosophy either teaching or doing sustainability-related research.

Randall Curren

Curren, Randall

Professor of Philosophy
Chair of the Department | (585) 275-8112
532 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Ethics; Moral Psychology; Philosophy of Education; Ancient Philosophy

Richard Dees

Dees, Richard

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Associate Professor of Bioethics

Director for Program in Bioethics | (585) 275-8110
529 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Medical Ethics; Public Health Ethics; Social and Political Philosophy; History of Moral and Political Philosophy

William J. FitzPatrick

FitzPatrick, William J.

Gideon Webster Burbank Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy | (585) 275-8107
525 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Metaethics; Normative Ethics; Bioethics; Philosophy of Biology