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The Philosophy faculty members have a variety of specialties in philosophy and represent diverse philosophical perspectives. Philosophical issues addressed include both traditional topics from areas such as epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of science, and also the most recent contemporary concerns. The techniques brought to bear on these issues are analytical, formal, and historical.

Current Faculty


Paul Audi

Audi, Paul

Associate Professor in Philosophy
522 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Language


Gregory Carlson

Carlson, Gregory N.

Professor of Linguistics
Professor of Philosophy
Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences | (585) 275-5907
506 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Semantic Theory; Psycholinguistics; Discourse

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Citron, Gabriel

Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy
524 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Philosophy of Religion; Wittgenstein; Metaphysics; Jewish Philosophy

Hayley Clatterbuck

Clatterbuck, Hayley

Assistant Professor in Philosophy | (585) 275-8109
523 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Philosophy of Science, particularly philosophy of biology and cognitive science

Earl Conee

Conee, Earl

Professor of Philosophy | (585) 275-8115
528 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Ethics; Epistemology; Philosophy of Mind

Randall Curren

Curren, Randall

Professor of Philosophy
Chair of the Department | (585) 275-8112
532 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Ethics; Moral Psychology; Philosophy of Education; Ancient Philosophy


Richard Dees

Dees, Richard

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Associate Professor of Bioethics

Director for Program in Bioethics | (585) 275-8110
529 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Medical Ethics; Public Health Ethics; Social and Political Philosophy; History of Moral and Political Philosophy


Richard Feldman

Feldman, Richard

Professor of Philosophy | (585) 273-5001
518 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Epistemology; Metaphysics

William J. FitzPatrick

FitzPatrick, William J.

Gideon Webster Burbank Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy | (585) 275-8107
525 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Metaethics; Normative Ethics; Bioethics; Philosophy of Biology


Robert Holmes

Holmes, Robert L.

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy | (585) 275-8146

Interests: Ethics; Social Philosophy; Philosophy of War


Ralf Meerbote

Meerbote, Ralf

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

Interests: Kant; Epistemology; History of Early Modern Philosophy; Aesthetics; Philosophy of Religion

Deborah Modrak

Modrak, Deborah

Professor of Philosophy | (585) 275-8111
527 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Aristotle; History of Ancient Philosophy; Philosophy of Mind


Alison Peterman

Peterman, Alison

James P. Wilmot Assistant Professor of Philosophy | (585) 275-8146
520 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Early Modern Philosophy; History of Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Perception


Brett Sherman

Sherman, Brett

Assistant Professor of Philosophy | (585) 275-5402
519 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Philosophy of Language, Epistemology


Jon Tresan

Tresan, Jonathan

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
521 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Metaethics; Normative Ethics; Applied Ethics; Moral Psychology; History of Ethics


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Westra, Evan

Instructor in Philosophy
526 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Mind; Moral Psychology

Edward Wieranga

Wierenga, Edward

Professor of Philosophy
Professor of Religion and Classics
Rush Rhees Library

Interests: Philosophy of Religion; Metaphysics