Executive Committee

Michela Andreatta

Andreatta, Michela

  • Associate Professor in Hebrew Language and Literature

Interests: Literary and intellectual history of Italian Jews from the medieval to the early modern period; Italian Hebrew poetry, particularly devotional and elegiac; Christian Hebraists of Renaissance Italy; Venetian Jewry

Lisa Cerami

Cerami, Lisa

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of German
Thomas Fleischman Headshot

Fleischman, Thomas

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies

Interests: German History; Environmental History; Animal History; Agricultural History; State Socialism; Cold War

Aaron Hughes

Hughes, Aaron W.

  • Philip S. Bernstein Professor of Judaic Studies
    Dean's Professor of the Humanities
    Professor of Religion and Classics

Interests: Jewish Studies; Islam; Method and Theory of Religion

June Hwang

Hwang, June

  • Associate Professor of German

Interests: Film history and theory; critical theory and cultural studies; contemporary German culture and film; Weimar Cinema; German Jewish Studies; representations of the Holocaust

Anne Merideth

Merideth, Anne

  • Professor of Instruction, Religion
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Religion and Classics

Interests: New Testament; History and Literature of Early Christianity

Nora Rubel

Rubel, Nora

  • Jane and Alan Batkin Professor in Jewish Studies
    Associate Professor of Religion and Classics
  • Chair, Department of Religion and Classics

Interests: American Religion; Race and Ethnicity; Religion and Foodways