Clusters in Jewish Studies

The undergraduate Jewish studies program at University of Rochester offers three clusters, all of which are in the humanities academic division.

Cluster in Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies (H1JST002)

This cluster allows students to study Jewish history, culture, language, literature, and religion, from ancient Israel through contemporary America.

Cluster in Judaism

Judaism (H1REL001)

This cluster enables students to probe central issues in Judaism, within the broader contexts of its foundational texts, beliefs, and rituals.

Cluster in Hebrew Language and Literature

Hebrew (H1REL008)

This cluster will enable students to achieve a basic proficiency in Hebrew as well as familiarity with Hebrew literature and culture

Undergraduate Advising

For more information on clusters offered by the Center for Jewish Studies, contact:

Dr. Michela Andreatta
425 Rush Rhees Library | (585) 275-7465