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Undergraduate Program

Major Requirements

Ten courses are required for a BA in anthropology, of which at least eight must be beyond the 200-level. A research project and several additional courses are required for students interested in completing an BA with Honors in anthropology.

BA Requirements

ANT 101: Cultural Anthropology*

ANT 201: Theory and Method in Anthropology**

Two core courses:

  • ANT 202: Modern Social Theory: Key Texts and Issues
  • ANT 203: Ritual, Myth and Cosmology
  • ANT 204: Ethnographic Themes
  • ANT 205: Theories and Debates in Anthropology

Five additional ANT courses beyond the 200-level.

One senior requirement course:

  • ANT 301–309; 312: Advanced Topics
  • ANT 390: Supervised Teaching (for ANT 101: Cultural Anthropology only)
  • ANT 393: Honors Research in Anthropology

*ANT 101 is normally taken before the spring semester of the sophomore year

**ANT 201 is normally taken in the sophomore year (ANT 101 is a prerequisite of this course)


Achievement of a grade point average for the courses required of concentrators, not including courses in the allied field(s), as follows:

  • Distinction: 3.40
  • High Distinction: 3.60
  • Highest Distinction: 3.80