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Art and Music Library

The Art and Music Library is home to various collections, including more than 10,000 DVDs; 90,000 books and journals on the visual arts, art theory, architecture, photography and music; 1,500 musical scores; 3,000 CDs; over 300 artists’ books, almost 200 video games and eight gaming systems.

Location and Contact Information

G134 Rush Rhees Library
(585) 275-4476
Art Librarian: Stephanie Frontz

Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

The Writing, Speaking and Argument Program (WSAP) helps students master written and spoken argument skills like, critical thinking, problem solving, organization of ideas and clarity and power of expression. WSAP does this through:

Location and Contact Information

G121 Rush Rhees Library
(585) 273-3577
Director: Deborah Rossen-Knill

Digital Humanities Center

The Digital Humanities Center promotes digital scholarship by serving as a clearinghouse for information and a partner for other University of Rochester groups engaged in interdisciplinary scholarship. They specialize in creating digital tools and resources to supplement teaching and learning on campus, providing support for born-digital projects, web-based scholarly initiatives, and faculty-led digital research.

Location and Contact Information

G122 Rush Rhees Library
(585) 273-5010
Director: Nora Dimmock

Rettner Hall

Designed as a hub for the arts, sciences, and engineering on the River Campus, Rettner Hall provides a place for students to gain both practical skills and theoretical understanding of digital technology.

Location and Contact Information

See the Rettner Hall website for information.

Sage Art Center

The Sage Art Center provides access to the resources and facilities required to create, exhibit, and critique student art. Sage's in-house gallery, ASIS, features a rotating display of student art.

Location and Contact Information

North end of River Campus between Anderson and Wilder Towers
(585) 273-5994
Studio Arts Program Coordinator: Stephanie Ashenfelder

University IT Center

University IT has a variety of resources and support services for University students, faculty and staff including 3D printing, computer repair, and media conversion. 

Location and Contact Information

Rush Rhees Library
(585) 275-2000