Campus Art Galleries

ASIS Gallery at the Sage Art Center

Gallery Hours:
9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday
2 p.m.-6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday

During the academic year ASIS maintains a rotating exhibition of works by students currently enrolled in studio classes. The space provides a site conducive to effective critique and separate from the production space.

ASIS is also one of the primary venues for the exhibition required of undergraduate studio majors. As an extracurricular activity, undergraduate students occasionally conceptualize thematically-based exhibitions and follow through with all aspects of gallery operations, from installation to advertising and reception planning.

Since exhibitions apress work in progress and are, therefore, influenced by class assignments, schedules are established on a month to month basis. See Sage Art Center for current show information.

The Gallery at the Art and Music Library

Art and Music Library, G134, Rush Rhees Library, ground level

For Art and Music Library Hours see their website. 

The Gallery at the Art and Music Library is a well-situated exhibition space that provides emerging local artists with the opportunity to show their work in a space that is highly visible. The gallery is also one of the primary venues for the exhibition required of undergraduate studio majors. Recent exhibitions have included photo-based installations, artists' books, paintings, sculptures, and ceramic works.

Contact: Megan Scheffer - megan.scheffer@rochester.edu

Hartnett Gallery

Wilson Commons, second level

The University of Rochester's Hartnett Gallery is a student-supported, professional art gallery showing contemporary work from national and international artists. Hartnett presents six to seven exhibitions each academic year including the Annual Juried Student Exhibition. This unique gallery space was built, along with Wilson Commons, by renowned architect I.M. Pei in 1972. Hartnett Gallery is funded, in part, by the venture fund from the president at the University of Rochester.

The pasSAGE Gallery

Rush Rhees Library, ground level, library road entrance

The pasSAGE, an annex of Sage Art Center, is funded through the Department of Art and Art History. Long term exhibitions are chosen by a committee and focus on topical issues and/or regional artists.