QISE at the University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is the birthplace of quantum optics and key elements of quantum coherence. Leonard Mandel first demonstrated photon self-interference here. Emil Wolf built the foundations of coherence theory and with Girish Agarwal connected them to quantum optics. George Sudarshan invented quantum descriptions of light, Joseph Eberly achieved deep insights in atom-photon interaction and Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland made revolutionary advances in laser science—receiving the Nobel Prize for their efforts. The University continues to expand its leadership in quantum science and technology, educating tomorrow’s quantum leaders, as well as making strategic partnerships with industry to nucleate and rapidly grow quantum technologies.

Research in quantum information science and engineering (QISE) at the University of Rochester pursues the themes of quantum applications, quantum devices, quantum materials, quantum interconnects, and quantum theory. These research activities involve faculty in multiple departments and units, including chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, optics, and physics and astronomy. Facilities leveraged for this research include the University of Rochester Integrated Nanosystems Center (URnano), the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and the Rochester Test and Packaging Facility.