While law schools do not have any specific pre-law requirements, those who practice corporate law suggest gaining a background in areas such as constitutional law, business, finance, and international relations. In addition, courses with an emphasis on writing provide vital experience for the future. Students interested in this direction are encouraged to pursue a minor in legal studies and/or applied economics.

Become a Patent Lawyer

Along with getting a law degree, students interested in becoming a patent lawyer must have a bachelor's degree in a technical field, and pass the Patent Bar Exam.

The Patent Bar Exam is an open book exam. Firms such as the Practice Law Institute in NYC and Washington, DC, and the Patent Resource Group, in Washington, DC, offer one week courses about one month before the exams are given. Additional information about the Patent Bar can be obtained from the Patent Trademark Office website. A summer and/or a full year internship in reviewing patents with a local corporation is also beneficial for entry into the practice of patent law.