Art New York

Art New York is an internship program for students (excluding first year students) from any field or department at the University. Participants live in New York City while completing an internship at a prestigious art, media, or cultural institution. They also take two classes to complete a full 16-credit semester.

Classes in NYC

Students are immersed in the incredible expanse of cultural production that NYC holds. In one class, students learn about new media culture and new media production, while in the other they view, reading about, and discuss different forms of contemporary art, new media, video, and film.

Interning in NYC

When it comes to arranging for an internship program, we try to match the student’s interests as best as we can with an internship opportunity. We can place students in internships in fields such as:

  • Film and media production
  • Film and media PR/marketing
  • Visual art
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Visual effects
  • Special effects
  • Theatre

Getting Credit

Art New York constitutes a full cluster in the humanities. Also, there is some flexibility as to how you can apply your credits.

Apply to Art NY

Students should visit the Department of Art and Art History’s website for more information about deadlines and other requirements, and to download an application.