Biogeochemical Oceanography Group

Thomas Weber, University of Rochester

Welcome to the Biogeochemical Oceanography Group, in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Rochester. We use numerical ocean models to explore the interactions between marine ecosystems, elemental cycles, and the climate system. Our models are guided by large datasets collected at sea and by satellite sensors, and are designed to elucidate and quantify biogeochemical processes that are difficult to observe in-situ. Ultimately, our work contributes to a deeper understanding of the ocean carbon cycle, and to more robust predictions of global climate change.


I am seeking enthusiastic graduate students with a deep interest in ocean biogeochemical cycles and their role in the Earth System to join the group. Current projects include quantifying sources of trace metal micronutrients to the ocean, and understanding anaerobic metabolisms associated with sinking organic particles. I encourage prospective students to contact me directly before applying to the program at the University of Rochester. I also encourage highly motivated undergraduate students to contact me about research opportunities in the group.