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Studying the science and technology of sustainability

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Taking interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability

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Combining sustainability with art and media

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Take coursework that is related to sustainability or has a sustainability focus.

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Experiential Learning

Explore ways to get involved in campus sustainability initiatives.

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Meet the professors and instructors who make sustainability part of their teaching and research.

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2 Students Place Food in Jars for Fementation

Edible Art

New Media Fermentation Workshop

Spearheaded by University professors Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint, the workshop consisted of students making their own personal vegetable ferments, such as kimchi, while new media art students documented and remixed the experience. Part of EcoArtTech’s new work-in-progress, these workshops involve collaborating with local communities to resuscitate historic food practices and foodways.

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4sustainability clusters

There are currently four Sustainability clusters offered in the natural science/engineering, social science, and humanities divisions.

1000dollar stipend

Sustainability-related summer internships provide a $1000 stipend and free campus housing for the months of June and July to selected students.

Sustainability at Rochester

The University of Rochester aims to be a leader in promoting a sustainable society through our academic, education, research, patient care and health programs, in the operation of our campuses and facilities, and in our interactions with the community.

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