University of Rochester


Effects of Incarceration on Families

Precious Bedell is currently testing the idea that exploring the experiences of incarcerated persons and their families may help facilitate the development of new methods to strengthen families affected by incarceration. This qualitative research uses discussions and focus groups with families of justice-involved people to inform an intervention aimed at empowering the families of incarcerated persons to become self-advocates. The focus groups explore questions centered around  familial support, visitation, resource navigation, and the policies and procedures of correctional facilities.

Bedell’s other work, with the support of grants from the Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL), supports children of incarcerated people in social support, tutoring, and extracurricular activities. All this work is specifically designed in collaboration with RAIHN and with Turning Points Resource Center, a joint project of  St. Luke and St Simon Cyrene Episcopal Church and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Turning Points provides services and information for the families of people who are justice-involved.

The program provides information regarding the following; transportation to and from New York State prisons, rules for visiting prisons or local jails, rules for what a family member can bring or send an incarcerated family member, and rules for making phone calls to incarcerated family members. Additionally, Turning  Points links families with pre- and post-incarceration services, as well as rehabilitative programs.