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Study Abroad in Kraków

By Arian Burnett-Farrands

My grandfather was an inspiring man. His mother died saving him from drowning when he was very young, so he was raised by his extended family. He served in the military, and later became a devoted teacher. He was an avid and talented oil painter, replicating beautiful landscapes and scenery. Although my grandpa passed away a little over two years ago, his strong personality and distinctive quirks will ever be remembered. He left behind an extensive collection of oil paintings, many signed, “Polack.”

Reading Abroad
Visiting Skalny Center poet Piotr Sommer suggests some not-to-be-missed modern Polish literature.

By Kathleen McGarvey

Polish poet Piotr Sommer—editor of the Warsaw-based international writing magazine Literatura na Świecie (World Literature)—guided Rochester students on a tour through 20th-century poetry in translation this semester as the Skalny Visiting Professor in the English department, in a new course called Studies in International Literature. The author of a dozen volumes of poetry in Polish, Sommer ...