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The Carney Lab announces new stand-alone, platform-independent GUI for UR-EAR (University of Rochester- Envisioning Auditory Response)

The acoustic signal is vastly different from the auditory signal. How does the auditory system represent speech sounds? This stand-alone, platform-independent GUI for UR-EAR (University of Rochester-Envisioning Auditory Response) provides visualizations of population responses of auditory-nerve (AN) and inferior colliculus (IC) model neurons.

Includes zip files of MATLAB source code and standalone executables for visualizing population response of auditory neurons.

Carney Lab


Pietraszko—The coming apart of case and focus in Bantu

Linguistics faculty Asia Pietraszko’s paper The coming apart of case and focus in Bantu, has been accepted into the journal, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, for publication.

Links: Prepublication draft


Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Center for Language Sciences at the University of Rochester is seeking an outstanding postdoctoral fellow. We encourage applicants who have expertise in any relevant area, including formal, computational, experimental, and social approaches to understanding the structure, processing, and use of natural language. We are particularly interested in postdoctoral fellows who want to contribute to an interdisciplinary community. View the postdoctoral fellowship description for more information.


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Asudeh on Grammar and Meaning

Linguistics professor and CLS director Ash Asudeh has an article called Grammar and Meaning in the newly published Oxford Handbook of English Grammar.

Links: Prepublication draft | Book website