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Breaking in a new language center
The new Language Center in the newly remodeled Frederick Douglass Building hosted its first event on Friday, as students gathered to share languages and cultures from around the world.

Digital public health presents opportunities, challenges
Two researchers recently visited the University of Rochester to make the case for harnessing big data mined from social media to aid public and environmental health efforts.


What’s at stake when languages are lost?
Linguists estimate that by the end of this century, half of the 7,000 languages currently in use around the world will have vanished. Rochester scholars join the race—and to train a new generation of scholars—to document the world’s linguistic diversity before it’s too late.


Critical Language Scholarships winners to study Turkish, Arabic
Fatima Bawany ’16, Aaron Schaffer ’16, and Saralinda Schell ’19 have each won scholarships from the highly competitive State Department program for advanced language study overseas this summer.