University of Rochester
  • Linguistics Syntax Workshop
    A linguistics syntax workshop meets in Lattimore Hall.
  • Touch Screen Game
    University of Rochester Brain and Cognitive Sciences PhD student Sarah Davis conducts experiments on probability learning using a touch screen game.
  • Lattimore Eye Tracking Lab
    The Lattimore Eye Tracking Lab in the Department of Linguistics allows student to conduct research in language processing and acquisition.

What is CLS?

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The Center for Language Sciences is an umbrella organization at the University of Rochester that brings together faculty, postdocs, and graduate students who conduct research on any aspect of human language, as a vehicle for active interdisciplinary work. The CLS fosters research and activities that reach across a very broad group of disciplines. Some of its primary disciplines are Linguistics, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Music Theory, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Engineering, and Philosophy, covering a wide research focus and range of interests. It's strength is in its diversity, its breath and the quality of our connections, collaborations and research. The CLS has been in existence for over 20 years; it is a continually evolving organization with a history of serving as a platform for training students and postdocs in interdisciplinary research and enhancing collaborations among members.

Ash Asudeh
Director, Center for Language Sciences

Recent News

Joyce McDonough
April 24, 2017

Professor Joyce McDonough from University of Rochester / New York (USA) is the next invited professor of the Labex EFL.

The lectures will address, as a case study, the structure of the Navajo verbal complex in a a Word and Pattern (wp) framework, and in contrast to the more commonly used item-and-arrangement approach.

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language center
September 30, 2016

Breaking in a new language center

The new Language Center in the newly remodeled Frederick Douglass Building hosted its first event on Friday, as students gathered to share languages and cultures from around the world.

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book cover
June 22, 2016

What’s at stake when languages are lost?

Linguists estimate that by the end of this century, half of the 7,000 languages currently in use around the world will have vanished. Rochester scholars join the race—and to train a new generation of scholars—to document the world’s linguistic diversity before it’s too late.

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Opportunties for Graduate Students

Eye Tracking Lab

Graduate degrees at the Masters and PhD levels are available through individual departments. The CLS serves as a platform to support interdepartmental PhD degrees that focus on interdisciplinary work and training. These interdepartmental degrees have primary department, where a student is admitted and affiliated, and secondary department in another CLS related field. 

Learn more about Doctoral and Masters programs in the departments associated with the CLS.