Discover the Microbes Within!

Teacher Enhancement Workshop on Symbiosis

Cosponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Institute and the National Science Foundation (FIBR: Integrative Studies of Wolbachia-Eukaryotic Interactions; Genomes to Communities and Back NSF 0328363).

This workshop is designed for high school and undergraduate educators in the biological sciences in order to enhance content background, provide teaching tools, and bring new life to science classes. Approximately 25 selected applicants will learn about the diverse ways that bacteria evolve and symbiotically interact with insects - in an environment that fosters close interactions with leading research scientists and other teachers. Basic topics and lesson plans cover insect collection, insect biodiversity, the mutualistic and parasitic bacteria (Wolbachia) that live within them, DNA extraction, and simple molecular biology and evolutionary analysis skills. The workshop emphasizes activities and experimental systems that can be used easily in the classroom to teach basic biological principles.

Lab lectures and exercises can be downloaded at the following links:

Introduction to Symbiosis   

    Download Lecture (Introduction Lecture - Jack Werren)

Biodiversity & insect collection

    Download Lecture (Insect ID Lecture 2006.pptppt file - Bob Minckley)

    Download Lab exercise (Insect Identification - Bob Minckley)

DNA Extraction

    Download Lecture (DNA & PCR - George Wolfe)

    Download Lab exercise (DNA Extraction.doc - George Wolfe)

Test for Wolbachia - Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

    Download Lecture (DNA & PCR - George Wolfe)

    Download Lab exercise (PCR - George Wolfe)

Gel Electrophoresis

    Download Lecture (Gel Electrophoresis - Michael Clark)

    Download Lab exercise (Gel Electrophoresis - Michael Clark)

DNA Sequencing & Bioinformatics

    Download Lecture (Bioinformatics Lecture - Seth Bordenstein)

    Download Lab exercise (Bioinformatics - Seth Bordenstein)


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