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Chemical Engineering Faculty

Faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering either teaching or doing sustainability-related research.

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Anthamatten, Mitchell

  • Professor and Chair; Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics


Interests: Macromolecular Self-assembly; Associative & Functional Polymers; Nanostructured Materials; Interfacial Phenomena; Optoelectronic Materials; Vapor Deposition Polymerization

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Chimowitz, Eldred H.

  • Professor

Interests: Critical Phenomena; Supercritical Fluids; Percolation; Computer Simulation

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Jorné, Jacob

  • Professor

Interests: Electrochemistry; Energy Conversion & Storage; Fuel Cells; Flow Batteries; Lithium Batteries; Green Energy; Microelectronic Processing; Copper Electrodeposition; Reaction-Diffusion Interactions; Scaling Theory

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Kelley, F. Douglas

  • Associate Professor

Interests: Polymer Extrusion; Small Particle and Nano-Particle Mixing; Compounding into Polymers; Biaxial Orientation of Polymers

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Tang, Ching W.

  • Emeritus Professor

Interests: Organic Electronics; Thin-Film Devices; Display Technology; Organic Light Emitting Diodes; Organic Solar Cells; II-VI Semiconductors; CdTe Solar Cells; Thin-Film Deposition & Characterization

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Wu, David

  • Professor

Interests: Biofuels; Systems Biology; Genomics; Transcriptional Network; Biochemical Engineering; Fermentation; Biocatalysis; Bone Marrow Engineering; Lymphoid Tissue Engineering; Molecular Biology

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Yates, Matthew Z.

  • Professor; Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Interests: Colloids & Interfaces; Fuel Cell Membranes; Crystallization; Microencapsulation; Particle Synthesis ; Colloidal Stabilization