Fall 2023—Grand Opening: Tuesday, November 14 at 7 p.m.

A still image from the film of a woman sitting at a table with a tea cup staring into the camera.

The Secret of Little Rose

Różyczka II

2023, 106 minutes
Directed by: Jan Kidawa-Błoński
Screenwriting by: Maciej Karpiński, Agatha Dominik
Principal cast: Magdalena Boczarska, Robert Więckiewicz, Maria Seweryn, Janusz Gajos

Space is limited. To attend, RSVP by October 17 to bozenna.sobolewska@rochester.edu.

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Joanna Warczewska, daughter of an eminent writer, is at the peak of her life. Her thriving political career and family happiness are instantly destroyed by a terrorist attack in which her beloved husband is killed. When fate gives her a new chance in life, another blow hits her. Someone sends her photos and documents undermining her family ties and suggesting that her mother has collaborated with the Security Service in the past. Joanna decides to conduct a historical investigation on her own and unravel the mystery that casts a shadow on her family. What she discovers not only makes her look at her mother in a completely different way, but will also make her find her own identity. Joanna will be forced to face the blackmailer herself and make a choice that will change her life forever.