The Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies offers a variety of programs and initiatives in advanced research, undergraduate education, and community outreach.

Research Program

The Skalny Center's research program is specifically geared to attract high-caliber graduate and post-doctoral fellows and has included students from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.

The Skalny Center also offers one post-doctoral fellowship each year in international and Central European politics for applicants whose work focuses on Central and Eastern Europe. Fellows teach two courses during the academic year and spend several months in Poland doing research.

Undergraduate Program

The Skalny Center sponsors a certificate in Polish and Central European studies and plays an important role in the undergraduate international relations major.

The center also offers Polish language courses at four different levels: beginners I, beginners II, intermediate, and Polish review.

Study Abroad

The center offers grants for students to study abroad over the summer at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

Visiting Faculty

There is a long-standing exchange with Jagiellonian University, which brings one scholar each semester to the University of Rochester. Recent visitors have taught courses on the Cold War, post-communism in Central Europe, the politics of the European Union, the political economy of post-communism, Polish history, Russian politics, and democratization.

Outreach Programs

The center sponsors several outreach programs including the Skalny Lecture and Artist Series and the annual Polish Film Festival.