Fall 2023—Special Guests

Special Guests of the Festival
Headshot of Olga BieniekHeadshot of Marlena Krenska.
Olga BieniekMarlena Kreńska

Olga Bieniek is a graduate of the National Film School in Łódź in film production. She is a co-owner and a producer at Filmicon Film House in Gdańsk, Poland. When she was 16, Bieniek started working as a TV announcer. After over ten years in television as line and then executive producer she started working in the film industry.

Marlena Kreńska is a production manager and assistant director who works closely with Olga Bieniek.

Their most recent productions include “The Closed Circuit”, “The Butler”, “Illusion” and “The Hunting”.

Together they created a company CINEMUNDO Sp. z o.o.