Master's Essay

Offered in the fall semester of the second year, the master's essay course prepares PPCM students for the proposal and development of their master’s essay topic.

The course is organized in two parts. The first part is dedicated to writing a two- to three-page master’s essay topic proposal, to be delivered as a formal ten-minute presentation to PPCM program affiliates. The second is designed to assist students in:

  • Developing their central research question(s) for their master’s essay
  • Compiling a bibliography of primary and secondary sources (visual and textual)
  • Writing a ten- to twelve-page review of the literature, or bibliographic essay, related to their master’s topics

In the spring semester, PPCM students continue to work on and be supported in their master's essay. Students are required to present on the progress of their essays to program affiliates during the semester. 

At the end of the PPCM program students are required to submit their essays to PPCM faculty, their project readers, and the University. They are also offerred the option of presenting their research to the public at the museum. Past projects can be accessed through UR Research.