Hannah Hasson, An Experimental Plasma Physicist

March 8, 2023

hannah-hasson.jpegMy name is Hannah Hasson and I'm from Houston, Texas. I am an experimental plasma physicist conducting experiments that use massive amounts of electricity to create small plasmas that resemble jets expelled from the poles of young stars. In my free time, I sing, salsa dance, paint, and garden. I am a big fan of arts in any form as creative outlets. My passion for physics stems mostly from a love of astronomy and fascination with the most extreme environments in the universe, such as black holes and supernovae. My interest in research came from a love of solving puzzles and crafting with my hands, two skills that play strongly into experimental research. I want to encourage any student who has a strong arts background to not shy away from science- creativity and imagination are essential parts of scientific experimentation and discovery! My younger self would have never expected to be where I am now, so stay curious and follow the path that feeds your excitement!