Astronomers May Have Just Caught a Black Hole Eating a Star

October 3, 2018

At vast cosmic distances, supermassive black holes called quasars gobble up matter into accretion disks that shine so brightly, they overpower the light from entire galaxies. Closer to home, compact objects called microquasars give astronomers a scaled-down taste of the processes at work inside the faraway behemoths. Now, an international collaboration of researchers has announced in the journal Nature that they’ve detected the first gamma-ray signal from the ends of the two jets spewing out of a Milky Way microquasar.

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Elliot Connors Wins QuaCGR Fellowship

January 22, 2018

Elliot Connors has been awarded the 2018 QuaCGR Fellowship. Congratulations Elliot!  The U.S. Army Research Office together with the National Security Agency award the QuaCGR fellowship to outstanding graduate students in quantum information science research. The goal of the fellowship is to stimulate U.S. graduate student participation in research related to quantum computing and to assist in the training of graduate students to prepare them for careers in quantum information science. Elliot Connors is a second year research assistant in Professor John Nichol's quantum nanostructures research group.

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