Cambridge University Press Releases Book Co-Authored by Professor John H. Thomas

December 6, 2008

In November, Cambridge University Press published Sunspots and Starspots, co-authored by University of Rochester Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Sciences (and of Astronomy) John H. Thomas and University of Cambridge Professor of Astrophysics Nigel O. Weiss.

According to the back cover of the book:

"The past two decades have seen remarkable advances in observations of sunspots and their magnetic fields, in imaging of spots and fields on distant stars, and in associated theoretical models and numerical simulations.

"This volume provides the first comprehensive combined account of the properties of sunspots and starspots. It covers both observations and theory, and describes the intricate fine structure of a sunspot's magnetic field and the prevalence of polar spots on stars. The book includes a substantial historical introduction and treats solar and stellar magnetic activity, dynamo models of magnetic cycles, and the influence of solar variability on the Earth's magnetosphere and climate.

"This book conveys the excitement of its subject to graduate students and specialists in solar and stellar physics, and more broadly to astronomers, geophysicists, space physicists, and experts in fluid dynamics and plasma physics."

The hardcover version (ISBN-13: 9780521860031) costs $130.00 USD.

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