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The University of Rochester Nuclear Science Research Group performs basic research in nuclear science and applied nuclear R&D. Scientific focus is on cluster structure of nuclei and its effect in scattering and reactions. The present emphasis is on reactions between light nuclei, including nuclear reactions in thermonuclear plasma and stellar environments, neutron induced scattering and reactions.

Goal of the development project LIANS (Laser Ion Acceleration for Nuclear Science) is to build at the University of Rochester Omega laser facility an experimental platform to produce controllable beams of light ions. Such beams, including deuterons and tritons with energies up to tens of MeV, will be used to induce transfer or fusion reactions with light target nuclei.

Applied radio-chemistry R&D by the NSRG studies tritium transport (adsorption, diffusion, permeation) in metals and chemical reactions with tritium. This work has specific relevance for the tritium cycle in inertial confinement fusion systems and fusion-energy projects. Moreover, it provides important data for a future "hydrogen economy."

Educational opportunities are provided for training in experimental and theoretical nuclear science and physical chemistry at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

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