August 2022 - Albert graduation party
June 2022 - Jake's defense
May 2022 - David farewel party
March 2022 - Ningyu graduation
December 2021 - Dr Ren farewel party, you will be missed Xikun!
December 2021 - Welcome Ritty, Tashi, Michelle, Dr Roy, Nawal and Bo to our lab!
February 2021 - Group meetings in the time of Covid-19
January 2021 - We got new "toys", two automated purification systems!
November 2020 - Ron and Mary join the lab
October 2020 - Goergen Award zoom cerimony
September 2020 - Alfons and Rudi in the lab
August 2020 - We bid farewell to Daniela
July 2020 - Antonio and Ajay ferewell get together
December 2019 - Secret Santa Party
November 2019 - Chemistry Department Award. Left to right: Andrew Bortz (awarded the Moses Passer Fellowship), Jake Iannuzzelli (awarded the Arnold Weissberger Fellowship), Rudi, Antonio Tinoco (Outstanding Graduate Student) and Albert Nam (W.D. Walters Teaching Award)
June 2019 - Ajay presents his work at the "23rd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference and 9th International Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference" in Reston, Virginia
March 2019 - Viktoria presents her work at the Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, California
December 2018 - Secret Santa Party
August 2018 - Farewell party for our new doctors Dr. Andrew Owens and Dr. Tessa Baker
August 2018 - REU poster section: Noah Gubernick and Rudi
July 2018 - Group photo day: few more pics of all of us
July 2018 - Noah Gubernick (REU student), Melissa Jagrosse (incoming graduate student) and Kaitlyn Houghtling (incoming graduate student) spent the summer working in our lab. Welcome guys!
June 2018 - David Varga and the students during his outreaching program in Colombia
June 2018 - Eric, Rudi, David, Albert, Viktoria, and Antonio run the 2018 Teacherís Challenge 5K which took place up on the shore of Lake Ontario
May 2018 - Brighton High School students visit to our lab
April 2018 - We sang Farewell to Agustina and Krittika
April 2018 - Yashika Sharma presenting a poster titled "Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Micheliolide Analogs for the Treatment of Acute Myelogunous Leukemia (AML)" at the 2018 National Conferences on Undergraduate Research
March 2018 - Viktoria Steck, Antonio Tinoco and Eric Moore attended the 255th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans
March 2018 - Antonio Tinoco giving an oral presentation titled "Asymmetric synthesis of trifluoromethyl-substituted cyclopropanes via myoglobin-catalyzed transfer of trifluoromethylcarbene" at the 255th ACS National Meeting
December 2017 - Secret Santa Party with lots of dishes from many different parts of the world, amazing magic tricks and of course Santa's presents!
November 2017 - Antonio Tinoco receiving the Walters award for excellence in teaching
October 2017 - David Varga working on our new anaerobic chamber
September 2017 - Students working hard in the lab
August 2017 - REU Poster Section: Emma Kruger, Justin Galardi and Robbin Jang
June 2017 - Summer chemistry department picnic
June 2017 - @FasanLab is on Twitter now, follow us!
June 2017 - First group 5k run. from left to right Viktoria, Andrew, Rudi, Antonio and Eric
June 2017 - RIPLA award cerimony
June 2017 - Farewell party for Gopee and Ivan
December 2016 - Secret Santa party at Gopee's
August 2016 - We said good bye to two great lab members, Priyanka and Vikas, with a late summer dinner at the Fasans
August 2016 - REU Poster Section: Yashika Sharma
May 2016 - Christine, Garrick and Katherine at their graduation cerimony
April 2015 - Christine Ziegler, Garrick Centola, and Katherine Grasso at the Senior Poster presentation
January 2016 - Lab photo day: we couldn't resist shooting the first ever group selfie!
January 2016 - Lab photo day: snowed group
January 2016 - The Fasan lab at Distillery for Simone farewell party
August 2015 - The Fasan lab at the Laser Quest for Nina and Josh farewell party
August 2015 - Congrats Doctor Josh!
August 2015 - REU Poster Section: (top left, clockwise) Josh, Rachel, Edgar and Douglas
June 2015 - The new kids on the bench: Amy, Douglas, Viktoria and Lauren. Welcome guys!!
May 2015 - Abe, Nick, John and Queenie at the graduation cerimony
April 2015 - Abe Wu, Queenie Li, and John DeCourcey at the Senior Poster presentation
October 2014 - The Fasan Lab at Skyzone (indoor trampoline park)
October 2014 - The Fasan Lab at Skyzone: the dodgeball teams
October 2014 - The Fasan Lab at Skyzone: the foam zone dives!
October 2014 - Nick, Abe and Queenie at the Fall Junior Scholar Award ceremony
August 2014 - Lab Cleaning Day
July 2014 - The REU program is almost completed, congrats to all our students here at their final poster presentation: Katherine Grasso, Queenie Li, Garrick Centola, Matthew Carbone and John DeCourcey
May 2014 - Peter and Louis at the graduation cerimony
May 2014 - Peter, Louis and Phil at the Senior Poster presentation
November 2013 - Louis, Phil and Peter at the Fall Junior Scholar Award ceremony
July 2013 - BBQ
May 2013 - Yick, Nick and Tatyana graduating
May 2013 - Bowling night
July 2012 - BBQ
May 2012 - Bowling night
July 2011 - BBQ
Jan 2011 - group meeting
July 2010 - BBQ