Eugenics reading group

During summer 2022, DIBS is hosting a reading group to discuss the dark history of eugenics and its past and present connection with our field. Please join us for six sessions, held on alternate Mondays at 3 pm from June 13th to August 22nd (schedule below). For updates, meeting reminders, and to receive links to the reading material each week, please join the DIBS mailing list. We hope you’ll all join us for a very interesting discussion!

Date Venue Reading Secondary reading
June 13 Virtual You can’t keep a bad idea down: Dark history, death, and potential rebirth of eugenics
June 22 (Weds) In-person Eugenic Visuality: Racist Epistemologies from Galton to “The Bell Curve” The Black Politics of Eugenics
July 11 In-person The Old Eugenics and the New Genetics Compared
July 25 In-person Discussions of the ‘not-so-fit’: how ableism limits diverse thought and investigative potential in evolutionary biology
August 8 In-person The Misuse of Pedigree Analysis in the Eugenics Movement
August 22 In-person Lottery, luck, or legacy. A review of “The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA matters for social equality”