DIBS 2019-2020 Climate Survey

We, the Diversity & Inclusion in the Biological Science (DIBS) group, provide the first annual report on the climate in the Department of Biology specifically and, more broadly, at the University of Rochester. DIBS is committed to justice, values the power of an intersectional lens, and reimagines the impact biologists might have on our community….

December 2020 meeting summary

What a strange year it’s been! Hello, everyone. The DIBS blog has been radio silent for a bit, but we are picking back up with the December 2020 meeting which was held on Monday, December 14th via zoom. This meeting focused on the results of the 2020 department climate survey, which was conducted in November…

January 2020 meeting summary

After spending the fall semester of 2019 discussing our priorities as a group, we started off 2020 by toasting all of our successes and failures in the previous year with sparkling cider and chocolate. Then, we looked to the future… We now have committees to address our major group priorities – see the list here….

July 2019 meeting summary

The June and July 2019 WIBS meetings were dedicated to open discussion. Here are some of the things we talked about at the July meeting this Monday: Non-academic careers: One of our members asked if there’s a way we could cover a wide range of non-academic careers all at once, for example by doing a…

Past meeting summaries: May 2019

This is the last post in my series of Spring 2019 catch-ups! At the May 2019 WIBS meeting, we talked about non-academic jobs, focusing on teaching positions. We had a panel of three special guests for this meeting: Alexis Stein, Danielle Presgraves, and Jon Holz. Our panelists talked a bit about what they do, including…

Past meeting summaries: April 2019

I’m still catching up on postings about the Feb-May 2019 WIBS meetings! Below is a belated posting about the April 2019 WIBS meeting on how to give a good talk. Attached with this blog post, we once again have a detailed list of the suggestions we discussed, compiled by Carrie Heusinkveld. We also have the…

Past meeting summaries: March 2019

I’m still catching up on postings about the Feb-May 2019 WIBS meetings! Below is a belated posting about the March 2019 WIBS meeting on networking. We once again have very detailed notes from the meeting (attached with this blog post) so that people can check out the full list of networking suggestions. This month’s meeting…

Past meeting summaries: February 2019

For anyone who missed meetings this spring, or wants to remind themself what we talked about, I’m posting notes from the February, March, April, and May 2019 WIBS meetings on this blog. Below is a belated posting about the February 2019 WIBS meeting on imposter syndrome. Many people that were not able to make the…

Next WIBS meeting is Monday, July 29th

The next WIBS meeting is coming up this Monday, July 29th! There is no set topic for this meeting; instead, we will have open discussion on whatever subjects people bring up. Please join us in Hutch 316 at 3 pm to check in with your peers and colleagues and share your thoughts!

Next WIBS meeting is coming up!

Our next WIBS meeting is coming up on Monday, February 25th at 1:30 pm (note change of time). The topic will be imposter syndrome, with special guest Devasmita Chakraverty, PhD. See the flyer below for details!