Julia Ablaeva

My work is mostly coordination of the day-to-day laboratory activities; this includes planning, organizing, and managing all technical aspects of the laboratory; assisting with ordering and re-stocking lab supplies; supervising all laboratory personnel, and overseeing allocation of grant funding to the appropriate research projects, coordinating any biosafety issues, fire inspections, responsible for  the lab running smoothly on everyday basis.

I am responsible for maintaining all our primary cells and tissues collection, isolation of new cell lines, as well as collecting new species and organs.

In collaboration with Dr. Matt Simon we study the SIRT6  ko mice and their unique premature aging  phenotype, and the role of the LINE1 retrotransposon in aging.

We have shown that direct inhibition of LINE1 retrotranscription by retroviral drugs drastically improves phenotypes in SIRT6 KO mice, increasing their life span, improving their intestinal health,  reducing apoptosis  and  inflammation.

In addition to LINE1s, my research is focused on study methabolic parameters and characterization of Has2 overexpressing mice.