Gregory Tombline

Greg Tombline

I employ mass spectrometry and other biochemical approaches to study the role of metabolism and protein post-translational modifications in longevity and cancer resistance using comparative animal models. I collaborate with others in the Gorbunova/Seluanov laboratories to study the SIRT6 ribosylome, histone modifications, blind mole rat concerted cell death, and the naked mole rat anti-aging and cancer resistance mechanisms.

Prior to joining Drs. Gorbunova and Seluanov, I studied aging using yeast as a model organism with our neighbor Dr. David Goldfarb. A discussion of our yeast work “Combating Aging By Studying Yeast” on WXXI connections with Evan Dawson may be found in this podcast.

Many of the concepts I learned about aging in yeast remain relevant for mammalian studies that I am currently engaged in.

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