Major Requirements

Requirements for a BA in Statistics


Eleven Courses as Follows

One of the following introductory courses:

Six Core Courses:

Note: Double majors with MTH may substitute MTH 202: Introduction to Stochastic Processes for STT 216. Double majors with ECO may substitute ECO 231W: Econometrics for STT 216.

Two Computational Statistics Courses:

Two 200-level or higher courses in an allied field where statistics-related topics and/or applications are used. For example:

Double Majors—Double and triple majors with statistics and biology, economics, engineering, mathematics, political science, psychology or other areas are possible. Only three courses may overlap between the two majors.

Joint Major—The BA degree with a joint concentration in mathematics and statistics is also offered.

Upper-Level Writing Requirement

Students need to complete STT 221W and one other course with a "W" designation (STT 214W, 216W, or 226W).

STT 221W and 226W both include large data sets.