State of the School 2021

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thank you for joining me for my “State of the School of Arts & Sciences” address on April 1, 2021. Despite operating in a challenging and unprecedented times, the school’s students, faculty, and staff have accomplished a lot. We have actively worked toward our established goals and will continue to refine them with the lessons we have learned from this year.

It was my pleasure to briefly discuss our efforts to continue our work, while trying to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to thank all of our community members who have helped with these efforts. I also was thrilled to highlight our work on academic and research programs, especially those involving faculty, staff and students. Lastly, I enjoyed hearing your questions and being able to answer a few of them. Your questions help us to grow and think more broadly about our efforts.

Below is a link to the recording of the “State of the School of Arts & Sciences” address if you would like to watch it again or share with a friend.

View Recording

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Thank you for your continued dedication and support of the University of Rochester.

Best wishes,

Gloria Culver
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences