PSC 272/472 Theories of International Relations

Syllabus (Postscript)(Pdf)
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  Extracts from Game Theory Lecture Notes (IE 4.0 or higher required.)

    Game Theory 1: Preferences, Rational Choice, Utility
    Game Theory 2: Strategic Form Games, Nash Equilibrium
    Game Theory 3: Extensive Form Games, Subgame Perfection
    Liberalism: Collective Security Game
    Power: Melian Dialogue Game
    Repeated Games 1: Repeated PD, Finite Games w/Known End
    Repeated Games 2: Discounting, Infinitely Repeated Games
    Repeated Games 3: Relative Gains
    Uncertain Incentives: Games of Incomplete Information
    National Interest: Preference Aggregation, Arrow's Theorem, Agendas, Single-Peaked Preferences

  Example Midterm: 2000 (Postscript) (Pdf)