World premiere of TERMINUS

Saturday, April 24, 2021
7 p.m.

Virtual Event

A link to this event will be provided by email and posted here and on our Facebook page. They will be active after tickets have been purchased. You will receive a discount code for the tickets.

This event will also include a new work by a member of Rochester City Ballet, Wyatt Pendleton, and a classical ballet duet Sylvia Pas de Duex, to the music of Leo Delibes.


Katarzyna Skarpetowska’s new work Terminus in her own words:

The working title for my new work for Rochester City Ballet is Terminus. The music is by Daniel Wohl, a French born, Los Angeles based composer known for seamlessly blending electronics with acoustic instruments. I have chosen Replicate, Pt. 1 and Replicate, Pt. 2 from his 2016 album,Holographic

This work is being created during the Coronavirus global pandemic and at the time of the sadly necessary withdrawal of human interactions as we knew them thus far. Terminus is a direct response to our collective and ongoing transformation into a cloud of projected images of ourselves; away from flesh, touch, contact, and into a holographic impression of our relationships, our life, and especially our art. Interfacing with the available technologies is no longer a choice; it is our current reality, and it comes with loneliness and desolation but also with possibility. I have to believe in that possibility. Otherwise, everything stops. Game over. Terminus.

Ballet dancers performing on stage.