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Written and directed by: by Kordian Piwowarski
Cinematography: Piotr Niemyjski
Music by Bartosz Hajdecki
Principal Cast: Mateusz Kościukiewicz, Katarzyna Zawadzka, Ewa Telega, Marta Klubowicz

This is a biographical film about the legendary poet, resistance fighter and Warsaw Uprising soldier Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński. The film is multilayered; it is both a cinematic portrayal and a documentary, with interviews with last few witnesses who knew Baczyński personally and recordings of young poets in Warsaw giving a contemporary interpretation of Baczyński’s poetry and legacy today. It portrays a bitter picture of senselessness of war, but lifts up the immortality and timelessness of art.

Following the screening: Question-and-answer session with Kordian Piwowarski and Anna Piwowarska, who translated the dialogues and Baczyński’s poetry into English.