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An exterior view of  the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Program runs in the fall and in the spring semester

Fall 2024 Dates

  • Application Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Program Dates: August 28 - December 14, 2024

Did you know?

The Arnold Lisio (a Rochester alum) and Anne Moore Lisio endowment has made it possible for dozens of Rochester students to study in Italy.

Participation constitutes a full humanities cluster and fulfills most of the requirements for an Italian minor.

For over 30 years the University of Rochester has sent students to central Italy.

A group of students and an instructor pose for the camera.

About the Program

Florence Lisio Italian Studies

For over 30 years the University of Rochester has sent students to central Italy. Today, the university invites students to experience Italy’s jewel of the Renaissance, Florence. Bordered by its famous countryside of pine- and cypress-dotted hills, lush vineyards, and olive groves, Florence is an innovative European cultural center, as well as a university city.

While living in Florence, students have the opportunity to walk the same medieval streets as Dante, look upon the great works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and stand within the massive halls that housed Medici businesses. Experience food, fashion, and all that is Made in Italy as your education takes you to one one of Europe’s most iconic cities.

Four students in a kitchen making fresh pasta.

ISI Florence Highlights

  • Comprehensive pre-departure support, including detailed Visa guidance
  • State of the art centrally located facilities
  • Expert and dedicated international faculty and staff
  • Pre-departure and arrival assistance
  • Comprehensive orientation program
  • Informative student handbook and APP (For Apple and Android OS)
  • Fully equipped student apartments in the historic center of Florence
  • Extra- and co-curricular field trips and volunteering
  • Practical Italian language courses and workshops
  • Wi-Fi access in apartments and at the Institute
  • Emergency hotline available 24/7

How to Apply

Students apply through the Education Abroad Portal. Donna Logan will contact students for interviews and review of applications.

Permission to study abroad will be granted by the Center for Education Abroad within the Education Abroad Portal.

After completing the application in the education abroad portal, move on to the ISI Florence application.

Students will then be directed to create their application through ISI Florence to complete post-decision requirements through the ISI Florence dashboard.

All applicants will be considered for Lisio Italian Studies scholarships with those demonstrating financial need prioritized based on fund availability.

Apply Today

Arezzo and Procida: places of learning

Arezzo Program director, Donna Logan, takes a short walking tour around Arezzo, the charming city in Tuscany where the University of Rochester has been running its only faculty-led, semester program since the early 1990s. She continues with a glance at students on the island of Procida, Italy’s Capital of Culture 2022, where she directs a four-week experiential learning program in the late spring.

Overlooking a Tuscan field of green.

About the Region

Experience Italy in the Tuscany Region

Nestled in Tuscany, a region known as the heart of all things Renaissance, Arezzo is one of the most attractive cities in central Italy. Rich in history and intellectual and artistic tradition. A modern, dynamic, and welcoming city in which your encounter with the Italian language and culture will be authentic, fulfilling, and unforgettable.

Learn More

Want more information about Florence Lisio Italian Studies? Contact the Center for Education Abroad.