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New prehistoric bird species discovered by a team of University of Rochester geologists, led by John Tarduno 19 December 2016

Searching for more insights on Earth's magnetic field - Prof. John Tarduno leads students on expeditions to southern Africa and Australia  17 August 2016

John Tarduno to receive Royal Astronomical Society's Price Medal 11 January 2016


John Tarduno and Paleomagnetic Research Group publish 2 articles bracketing Earth's magnetic field
First measurements taken of South Africa's iron age magnetic field history
           New Scientist

Researchers find that Earth's magnetic shield is 500 million years older than previously thought
           New Scientist
           Nature News


John Tarduno receives the the 2014 Outstanding Publication Award from the Geological Society of America Geology and Tectonics Division


John Tarduno speaks with 1370 Connections about his recent RMSC "Science on the Edge" Lecture entitled "Crocodiles at the Poles: Viewing the Past and Future Ice-free Arctic"


Rare meteorites created in violent celestial collision

"Top of the World" - Undergrads discuss their experience in the High Canadian Arctic during the Summer 2012 Field Season - Rochester Review

John Tarduno weighs in on "What if Earth's Magnetic Poles Flip?"


John Tarduno: Oldest Measurement of Earth's Magnetic Field Reveals History of Battle Between Sun and Earth for Our Atmosphere



John Tarduno and Cognitive Scientists Use Eye-Tracking Technology to Learn What Makes a Great Geologist - University of Rochester Press Release, August 12, 2009

Mantle Plumes May Bend Deep Beneath Earth's Crust - University of Rochester Press Release, April 2, 2009

Ancient Turtle Migrated from Asia to America Over a Tropical Arctic - collection of news articles related to Geology publicationFebruary 2, 2009.


When crocodiles roamed the Arctic - New Scientist, June 18, 2008 - subscription required

John Tarduno explores traveling ‘hotspots’ - Currents, February 4, 2008


Prof. Tarduno receives the Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching - Currents, May 14, 2007

Prof. Tarduno named Fellow of the American Geophysical Union - March 1, 2007


Prof. Tarduno named Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation - April 20, 2006


Prof. Tarduno elected fellow of AAAS - January 5, 2004


Prof. John Tarduno receives Goergen Award for Contribution to Undergraduate Education - Currents, August 27, 2001


Tarduno leads students on `Field Quest' - Currents, May 1, 2000

John Tarduno to Discuss Hawaiian Hotspots As Part of JOI/USSAC Lecture - Franklin and Marshall News Release, September, 2000


Fossil Evidence Tells of Arctic Warming - Currents, January 11, 1999

Braving the Arctic Tundra: Geology Is Where You Find It, Students Say - Rochester Review, 1997