1996-2003 University of Rochester Arctic Expeditions

      The Paleomagnetic Research Group has sent two expeditions to the High Canadian Arctic to collect geologic samples and chart this unexplored wilderness so that we may better understand the geologic history of North America. Several of our students are working on projects related to our expeditions, including the paleomagnetism of the Arctic flood basalt province, paleoclimate of the region as shown in the sedimentary rocks and soil layers found below, within and above the volcanic sections, and classification of fossil flora and fauna collected during our expeditions above the Arctic Circle. Below are a number of links to a variety of web pages concerning the expeditions.

Coming soon! Pictures from the 2000 Arctic Expedition!

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The 1999 Arctic Expedition Page (under construction)
The 2000 Arctic Expedition Page
Pictures from the 1996 Arctic Expedition
Pictures from the 1997 Arctic Expedition
Read the article published in The Rochester Review;"Braving the Arctic Tundra"

Arctic Logistics

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