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PSCI 216 Environmental Health and Justice

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  • Fall 2020

    W 9:00-10:15, F 9:00-11:40
    This course takes a systems-change approach to problems of environmental health and justice. It will provide students with a methodological, conceptual, and experiential foundation in addressing problems through policies, partnerships, and community engagement. We will closely examine several timely local issues such as subsistence fishing, climate adaptation, equitable transportation, and housing. For each major topic, students will engage in background research, practice diverse data collection strategies, interact with relevant community groups, and gain experience integrating multidisciplinary information. Students will also undertake a semester-long community engaged project to address an environmental justice issue of concern to a local organization. NOTE: This is a community-engaged class and will involve significant blocks of time in field work, trips, and guest speakers. To accommodate this, there is an extended Friday morning "lab" session. This class is designated as part of the Certificate in Community-Engaged Learning. PRE-REQUISITES: PH 101, PH 116, or PH 102; or by permission of instructor for students with significant policy, community change, or environmental management background.