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Summer Course Online 2020


Unwept: Women and Silent Film

Monday, May 18–Friday, June 12, 2020

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SUMMER 2020 ONLINE CLASS UNWEPT: WOMEN AND SILENT FILM (GSW 100/ FMS 217/ AH 124) Instructor: Clara Auclair (
A1 May 18 – June 12 MTWT 5.45PM – 8.45PM
Class is online and will have regular weekly meeting hours but will mostly be offered as asynchronous. We will not meet for 3h/day on Zoom. If you have any questions about the class do not hesitate to contact me at 
In the early days of the film industry women were more present writing, directing, producing and acting than at any other point in film history. In this course, we will try to understand the shift the industry went through in the 1930s and untangle the urgency of questions of female representation and empowerment while contemporary Hollywood is attempting to recover from the Weinstein case. Who were the first women directors? What influence did female spectatorship have on film industry? What mechanisms were put into place to sexually and racially segregate labor? What role did cross-dressing in film play in lesbian legibility before and after Hollywood? The class will survey these questions through film analyses, exploration of primary sources, and close reading of secondary texts in GSW and film studies. Inherent to this course will be interrogating how to revisit, represent and write women’s history.