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Yellow Femme, Synthetic Form : Craig Owens Memorial Lecture by Anne Anlin Cheng

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
5 p.m.
Rush Rhees Library, Humanities Center Conference Room D

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Anne Anlin Cheng, Professor of English and Director of American Studies at Princeton University, will deliver the 2019 Craig Owens Memorial Lecture. Her title is "Yellow Femme, Synthetic Form."  Professor Cheng is the author of The Melancholy of Race: Assimilation, Psychoanalysis, and Hidden Grief (2000) and Second Skin: Josephine Baker and the Modern Surface (2010). Her new book is Ornamentalism (2019), which, as her faculty profile at Princeton describes, "offers a feminist theory of the yellow woman and suggests that embedded within the extensive archive of Euro-American Orientalism is an archaeology of synthetic personhood that is integral to the ideal of modern, organic, western personhood." An essay related to this project recently appeared in Critical Inquiry (

Featured imageLife is Cheap, installation by Anicka Yi.  Photo courtesy of artist.