Sergio Montero (University of Rochester)



Department of Political Science
Harkness Hall 320
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

Sergio Montero

Assistant Professor of Political Science and (by courtesy) Economics
University of Rochester



Working Papers

The Effect of Local News on Political Knowledge (with Scott Abramson)

Representation Failure (with Matias Iaryczower and Galileu Kim)

Going It Alone? A Structural Analysis of Coalition Formation in Elections, revision requested at Journal of Politics


Sleeping with the Enemy: Effective Representation under Dynamic Electoral Competition (with Anderson Frey and Gabriel López-Moctezuma), American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming) (Online Appendix)

Do Major-Power Interventions Encourage the Onset of Civil Conflict? A Structural Analysis (with Mike Gibilisco), Journal of Politics 84(2): 944-959 (2022) (Online Appendix)

Learning about Growth and Democracy (with Scott Abramson), American Political Science Review 114(4): 1195-1212 (2020) (Online Appendix)

A Theory of Experimenters: Robustness, Randomization, and Balance (with Abhijit Banerjee, Sylvain Chassang, and Erik Snowberg), American Economic Review 110(4): 1206-1230 (2020) (Online Appendix)

BLP-2LASSO for Aggregate Discrete Choice Models with Rich Covariates (with Ben Gillen, Roger Moon, and Matt Shum), Econometrics Journal 22(3): 262-281 (2019) (Online Appendix)

Work in Progress

How Do Gender Quotas Impact Electoral Accountability? (with Zuheir Desai and Varun Karekurve-Ramachandra)

Chasing Eyeballs: The Role of Consumer Advertising in Shaping Political Polarization (with Gabriel López-Moctezuma and Matt Shum)

Heterogeneous Voter Responses to Campaign Advertising (with Gabriel López-Moctezuma)

Building Weak Parties with Ambitious Politicians (with Anderson Frey and Gabriel López-Moctezuma)

Failing to Learn in the Laboratories of Democracy (with Scott Abramson and Mary Kroeger)

Campaign Issues and Media Coverage (with Matias Iaryczower and Gabriel López-Moctezuma)