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Recent Faculty Articles

Selected Publications

Below is a selected list of recent Rochester faculty publications appearing in American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, and Journal of Politics from 2005 to the present. Many of these papers are co-authored with colleagues who earned a Rochester Ph.D.

Scott Abramson & David B. Carter. 2016.
"The Historical Origins of Territorial Disputes,"
American Political Science Review 110:4 675-98.
Scott Abramson & Carlos Velasco Rivera. 2016.
"Time is Power: The Non-Institutional Sources of Stability in Autocracies,"
Journal of Politics 78:4 1279-95.
David E. Campbell & Richard G. Niemi. 2016.
"Testing Civics: State-Level Civic Education Requirements and Political Knowledge,"
American Political Science Review 110:3 495-511.
James Johnson 2014.
"Models among the Political Theorists,"
American Journal of Political Science 58:3 547-60.
Fang-Yi Chiou & Lawrence Rothenberg 2014.
"The Elusive Search for Presidential Power,"
American Journal of Political Science 58:3 653-68.
Bethany Lacina 2014.
"How Governments Shape the Risk of Civil Violence: India’s Federal Reorganization, 1950-56,"
American Journal of Political Science 58:3 720-38.
Gerald Gamm & Thad Kousser. 2013.
"No Strength in Numbers: The Failure of Big-City Bills in American State Legislatures, 1880-2000,"
American Political Science Review 107:4 663-678.
Paul S. Herrnson, Ryan L. Claassen, Richard G. Niemi, and Kelly D. Patterson. 2013.
"Exceeding Expectations? Determinants of Satisfaction with the Voting Process in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election,"
Journal of Politics 75:2 451-463.
Tasos Kalandrakis & Arthur Spirling. 2012.
"Radical Moderation: Recapturing Power in Two-Party Parliamentary Systems,"
American Journal of Political Science 56:2 413-432.
Paul S. Herrnson, Michael J. Hanmer, and Richard G. Niemi. 2012.
"The Impact of Ballot Type on Voter Errors,"
American Journal of Political Science 56:3 716-30.
Justin Fox & Stuart V. Jordan. 2011.
"Delegation and Accountability,"
Journal of Politics 73:3 831-844.
Mark Fey & Kris Ramsey. 2011.
"Uncertainty and Incentives in Crisis Bargaining: Game-Free Analysis of International Conflict,"
American Journal of Political Science 55:1 149-169.
Hein Goemans & Alexander Debs. 2010.
"Regime Type, the Fate of Leaders and War,"
American Political Science Review. 104:03 430-445.
G. Bingham Powell & Shin-Goo Kang. 2010.
"Representation and Policy Responsiveness: The Median Voter, Election Rules and Redistributable Welfare Spending,"
Journal of Politics 72:4 1014-1028.
Gretchen Helmke. 2010.
"The Origins of Institutional Crises in Latin America,"
American Journal of Political Science 54:3 737-750.
Gerald Gamm & Thad Kousser. 2010.
"Broad Bills or Particularistic Policy? Historical Patterns in American State Legislatures,"
American Political Science Review 104:1 151-171.
David Primo & James M. Snyder, Jr. 2010.
"Party Strength, the Personal Vote, and Government Spending,"
American Journal of Political Science 54:2 354-370.
John Duggan & Francesco Squintani & Dan Bernhardt. 2009.
"The Case for Responsible Parties,"
American Political Science Review 103:04 570-587.
Lawrence Rothenberg & Fang-Yi Chiou. 2009.
"A Unified Theory of U.S. Lawmaking: Preferences, Institutions, and Party Discipline,"
Journal of Politics 71:4 1257-1272.
Mark Fey & Hein Goemans. 2009.
"Risky but Rational: War as an Institutionally-Induced Gamble,"
Journal of Politics 71:1 35-54.
Kevin Clarke & Randall Stone. 2008.
"Democracy and the Logic of Political Survival,"
American Political Science Review 102:3 387-392.
David Primo & Sarah A. Binder & Forrest Maltzman. 2008.
"Who Consents? Competing Pivots in Federal Judicial Selection,"
American Journal of Political Science 52:3 471-489.
David Primo & James M. Snyder, Jr. 2008.
"Distributive Politics and the Law of 1/n,"
Journal of Politics 70:2 477-486.
James Johnson & Jack Knight. 2007.
"On the Priority of Democracy: A Pragmatist Approach to Political--Economic Institutions and the Burden of Justification,"
American Political Science Review 101:01 47-62.
Mark Fey & Kris Ramsey. 2007.
"Mutual Optimism and War,"
American Journal of Political Science 51:4 738-754.
Gretchen Helmke & Mitchell Sanders. 2006.
"Modeling Motivations: A New Technique for Inferring Judicial Goals from Behavior,"
Journal of Politics 68:4 867-878.
Tasos Kalandrakis. 2006.
"Proposal Rights and Political Power,"
American Journal of Political Science 50:2 441-448.
Curtis Signorino & Ahmer Tarar. 2006.
"A Unified Theory and Test of Extended Immediate Deterrence,"
American Journal of Political Science 50:3 586-605.
Bonnie Meguid. 2005.
"Competition Between Unequals: The Role of Mainstream Party Strategy in Niche Party Success,"
American Political Science Review 99:3 347-359.